CAPS, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Announce HMPP Center of Excellence

SHANGHAI, March 24 — CAPS entreprise, a Many-core Programming Company and Shanghai Jiao Tong University today launched the HMPP Center of Excellence (CoE) as APAC relay for the scientific and academic communities.

This new project carried on by CAPS, the initiator of HMPP (Heterogeneous Multicore Parallel Programming) directives — worldwide standard for hybrid parallel software development and deployment — will be committed to federate the APAC manycore scientific computing community thanks to a rich education program focusing on helping this community move toward the manycore era and promoting HMPP directives as an open standard over APAC.

Gathering a scientific committee and an expert team dedicated to the manycore software development challenges of the Industry and Education World, the HMPP CoE will be focusing on participating to the future generations of developers’ training, testing of manycore environments and contributing to R&D with CAPS.

The HMPP CoE will enable CAPS to further strengthen its position as a strategic partner to high performance computing actors, opening developers’ future generation to parallel computing.

“CAPS is very enthusiastic about setting up a CoE,” comments François Bodin, CAPS CTO and Member of the HMPP CoE Committee, “This initiative will help to address manycore challenges in cooperation with the SJTU thanks to its highly skilled personnels and students“.

“The setting up of the CoE will enable many people to collaborate on developing applications and tools for massively parallel technology. I’m very excited and looking forward to work with HMPP to further the advancement in parallel programming and computing,” says Ph.D Simon See, HMPP CoE Director.

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